Am Can Int'l CH Audley’s Jet Set Djali, CGC

Jolly, (a.k.a. Gooney) is a busy-body bursting with character. She is so alert and feisty and such a card, we love to tease her. She is a real powerhouse. She is also the cuddliest one on the couch. Jolly has excellent angulation, a rock solid topline, and a huge chest.  She's a very big girl with huge bone,  tight cat feet, and a black, black mask.

Jolly was virtually undefeated as she gained her championships, but (due to my lack of funds) has rarely been shown since. Whenever she makes an appearance, she is always in the ribbons, and she completed her International Championship with a group placement. She is a Canine Good Citizen, an excellent mother, and she also pulls a cart.  She tries to mother all of the puppies born at Resolute.

This hunter/gatherer is always on the lookout; and she’s a powerful swimmer. She loves visitors and always brings an offering to the door. In her spare time she harvests apples, pears, plums – anything growing in trees. When she can’t reach the fruit standing on her hind legs, she takes a flying leap off the sun deck to get it. 6 years old and she’s still gotta play with everything. Her favorite is sticks stuck under the water. I have to keep a leash on her, unless I want to go swimming to get her back!

Update: April 2009: well, Jolly is approaching her 13th birthday.  She is pretty arthritic and doesn't get around that well anymore, but she still has that spark in her eyes, and can still make the other's bow to her superiority.  She's gray as a ghost and deaf as a post, but we still love her.


bullet185 lbs
bulletAKC# WP707523/05
bulletOFA# MF –3174F25F –T
bullet31" tall
bulletCKC# 1060769
bullet CERF 8/ 24/ 97
bulletBorn May 23/ 96
bullet Bite Reverse Scissors
bulletColor Fawn
bulletThyroid Normal
bulletCardiac Clear
bulletPRA DNA Neg 02-2963
bullet Cystinuria Neg

Sire: Am CH Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle

Dam: Deer Bubbles

Breeder: Nancy Spiller, Audley farms

You can see Jolly’s mother and sisters at: Spiller's Mastiffs of Audley Farms

NY day 2009 12y
12 years
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Ellice Hauta Photo


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Ellice Hauta Photo

(Age 13 months)


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Ellice Hauta Photo

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Steven Ross Photo (Age 12 months)


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 (Age 4 months)


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(Age 8 months)