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Buck j2.jpg (62325 bytes) Jolly

Sire:  Am Can Int'l Ch Sugarfoot's Shot In The Dark, Am & Can CD, TT, CGC, TDI  ("Buck")

Dam:  Am Can Int'l Ch Audley's Jet Set Djali, CGC  ("Jolly")

Refer to Buck and Jolly's pages for more information, health clearances, and more photo's.

2 days old.jpg (21864 bytes)2 days old Week one.jpg (19466 bytes) Week one
momma.jpg (16220 bytes) Momma Paw up.jpg (17291 bytes)
Uh-oh nap attack!.jpg (13659 bytes) Uh-oh, nap attack!  (Ryder) Another full day at Resolute.jpg (71577 bytes) Another full day at Resolute
Bright Sun.jpg (37146 bytes) 3 weeks.jpg (11752 bytes) 3 weeks old
The gang's all here - 5 weeks old.jpg (26870 bytes) The gang's all here! 5 weeks old 'Red 'n Blue' 6 weeks old.jpg (60567 bytes) Pups at 6 weeks
  Ollie 12 weeks.jpg (26752 bytes) Ollie 12 weeks
Ollie 7 weeks.jpg (82393 bytes)

7 weeks

Ollie 7 weeks 26 lbs.jpg (22179 bytes)

Ollie 7 weeks (26 lbs)

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