Resolute's Big Calm

Not "Forest Gump";..... Forest, as in ~ the quiet, dark woods.  Perhaps I should have called him Timber…..he has huge bone,  HUGE!  A very gentle 240 lb leviathan, he is very tall and long, with a solid topline, a great head (similar to his granddaddy Buck) and beautiful black eyes.  

Unfortunately, he separated a toe joint in his front paw at 3 months of age and never made it to the show ring. (From now on, I cut the edge off the tray in wire crates to prevent this from happening again). When Forest had his hip X-rays done, the vet was curious to see how the golf-ball sized arthritis would look on film. The vet could not fit the whole dog on the table to X-ray the paw, so Forest just stood on the ground and laid the paw on the table.  Most of the time, his paw does not bother him, but now we are both too lazy to enter the show ring.   He's just a giant sweetie.  He's my Black Forest Cake.........or just "cake" for short.

And that's all I have to say about that.


bulletCKC# NQ891716
bulletBite scissors
bulletColor fawn brindle
bulletover 35" tall
bulletOVC hips # 0026623
bulletOVC elbows # 0026623
bullet240 lbs (with not an ounce of fat)
bulletPRA DNA neg
bulletBorn: August 2, 2003
bulletCERF clear  Nov / 07

Sire:  Am. Ch. Mystery Mountain's Shaq Attack

Dam:  Ch. Resolute My Corona

Breeder / Owner:  Shannon M Low

Forest is a huge, tightly bred dog with great size behind him.  He is long in the body and has huge bone, tight cat feet, and a soft temperament.  His eyes are a beautiful dark black and of excellent structure.  His hips and elbows are spectacular  (I keep the X-rays).  He has a wide skull with a lovely crown and good stop, and a perfect scissors bite. 

Photo pedigree:  SIRE see Shaq      DAM (Mustard) see Buck and Jolly  Click HERE to see Forest’s puppies


2 yrs 8 weeks